Josephs Law Firm In The Press : Miami-Dade Whistleblower Case Settles – $9.95 Million

The Josephs Law Firm is pleased to be featured on the Daily Business Review’s Front Page as a Top Settlement!

The Daily Business Review’s featured article, which was printed on March 25, 2015, discusses the recent settlement of the Whistleblower / Qui Tam lawsuit brought against Miami-Dade County. On March  17, 2015, the Board of County Commissions for Miami-Dade County voted to approve the settlement between Miami-Dade County and Marjan Mazza for her individual claim for wrongful termination against the County, as well as the whistleblower claims brought as a qui tam relator on behalf of the United States Government. A copy of the Memo, which discusses the whistleblower claims against the County, can be viewed here: Miami Dade County Whistleblower Memo

As a Whistleblower acting for the benefit of the United States Government, Ms. Mazza was able to recover more than $6 Million Dollars for the United States Government as a result of Miami-Dade County’s wrongful receipt and use of federal funds.

The full Whistleblower Article can be viewed here : DBR  Top Settlement – Miami-Dade Whistleblower Case Settles 


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